Motor guard circuit breakers motor protection

The ideal engine guard to protect your engine

In this section we offer you a wide range of MCB circuit breaker switches, manufactured by prestigious market brands: Schenider, LS ..., adjustable MCB circuit breaker circuit breakers (motor guards) for motor protection, with range from 0.16A. All of them of high quality, completely safe to be used in your facilities professionally.

The use of the motor circuit breaker is very common in protection against circuit breakers and overloads in electric motors or machines, as well as for use in 50/60Hz AC circuits. Maximum allowable voltage (Ue): 690V.

MCB circuit breaker circuit breakers are operated by pushbuttons and allow them to be mounted horizontally or vertically on DIN rail, thus adapting to the needs of their installation. In addition, they offer the possibility to mount front and side auxiliary contacts for more efficient operation.

Adjustable thermal protection elements are governed by IEC 60947-4-1, 60947-2 established by the European Community.

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